Feature: Structure

  • Lake Angelus, Nelson Lakes National Park, in a setting that could be from another planet
  • Lake Angelus sits at 1,650 altitude in the mountains of Nelson Lakes National Park
  • Recent rain at Lake Hauroko, New Zealand's deepest lake, results in the lake being that little bit deeper
  • Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo
  • The iconic view from the summit Mount Maunganui to the suburban area which shares the same name
  • After getting up incredibly early on a summer morning and initially being disappointed with the light and wishing I had stayed in bed, the arrival of the sun lighting up the horizon across Lake Te Anau turned out to be some of the most surreal conditions I've yet experienced!
  • A classic Kiwi scene: baches (sometimes called cribs) beside the water at Lake Alexandrina, with lupins providing a splash of colour
  • The protected wildlife refuge of Lake Alexandrina is a serene spot to see out the end of the day
  • The Church of the Good Shepherd, surrounded by invasive weeds.  But aren't they pretty! :-)
  • This jetty at the Marakura Yacht Club, Lake Te Anau, looks out to the vast wilderness of Fiordland National Park.
  • A remnant of the last ice age, Lake Mapourika is located just to the north of Franz Josef.
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