Hello there!

My name is Daniel Murray and I love landscape photography.  Though you’ve probably figured those things out already. 😊

For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with wild places and epic scenery.  Capturing and sharing the beauty of the world constantly motivates and inspires me.

I’m based near Christchurch, New Zealand.     Living in this country is truly a privilege.  Although there are many beautiful places around the world, there’s something very special about this little corner of the planet.  We have almost every type of landscape you could possibly imagine, all tucked into a space encompassing less than 0.2% of the Earth’s land area.   Within a 200 km radius (as the kea flies) of where I live I can stroll along the beach of an ocean (Pacific) and a sea (Tasman), wander among glaciated mountains towering nearly 4,000 metres high, and explore dense rainforest with an annual rainfall which can exceed 18 metres (not a typo).  And here I am typing this in a location which is flat for miles in all directions and receives just enough rainfall to avoid desert classification!

I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I enjoy capturing them.


Are you a full-time photographer?2020-10-06T18:25:25+13:00

Although photography is a big part of my life, no, it’s not my day job.  The majority of my working week is spent as an environmental planner specialising in consenting infrastructure.

What is your approach to photography?2021-02-05T09:58:12+13:00

Here I attempt to explain my general approach to photography, and come to the conclusion that many people clearly experience reality in completely different ways than me….

What camera gear do you use?2022-04-10T14:17:33+12:00

I use a Nikon Z7II, D850, and the ‘holy trinity’ of Nikkor zoom lenses.  Check out this post for more details.

Where are the best photography locations to visit in New Zealand?2021-02-05T09:54:39+13:00

I get asked this so often I could become a full-time travel agent!  Check out this post for a brief guide to the South Island.  Check out my other A Brief Guides too!

Can you help me be a better photographer?2023-03-04T21:29:43+13:00

I add photography guides to this website as often as I can. If you subscribe to my Instagram and/or Facebook I regularly provide tips and tricks there too.

How do I order a print for my wall or licence an image?2020-10-06T18:35:22+13:00

Information on ordering prints is here and to query licencing an image visit here.



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